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Carly, 2008 Ambassador At Large, now has her own studio practice!

So, you think you’ve got what it takes!

Why do Seniors participate in the Ahh! Ambassador program? Its fun! But, more importantly, it gives them an opportunity to mingle with ALL their fellow classmates, try out those real life business wings, create a model identity, build on their leadership skills, and just have a good time!

Parents? We help build self-esteem thru affirming confidence and  accomplishments. We also document their accomplishments, offer you a discount on your investment in their portraits, and enhance the celebration of your senior’s big milestone.

Ask about your school today! There are limited openings by school or home school association.

· Ambassador Candidates receive a FREE studio session and may be called back for an additional FREE location session. Value: $100 each.

· Chosen Ambassadors will receive 120 FREE Ambassador wallets. Value: $150

· Your referrals will receive discounts off purchases.

· Ambassadors receive discounts on original orders as well as a referral bonus for each referral.

· We add new products/looks every year. Ambassadors will receive FREE samples of each year’s newest product line addition personalized as a sample to keep, use, and show their friends.

· Call today, and ask how else we take good care of our Ambassadors.

Above, iTune Groovin’ with Michael, another of our 2008 Ambassadors At Large. Not workin’ eh? Yah, below is more his style!

Phone: 972.567.8613

E-mail: info@ahh-photography.com

To contact us:

Ahh! Ambassadors...

2008 Centennial Ambassador, Leahlyn, hamming it up for a Holiday Card promo.

We put the Ahh! I Photography!

Michael, this is it!