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Click the picture above for information on the North Texas Council on Youth Leadership.

Text Box: Seniors, we understand that your senior portraits are important to you.

Your portrait is perhaps the first opportunity to fully express who you are, your accomplishments, and elements of what makes you a unique individual. And, frankly, the time we spend with seniors is the most fun for us. You are creative, innovative, and energizing to be with. You challenge us and we look forward to meeting each new client and your parents. In return, you will receive 5 star service and attention to detail.

· All sessions are booked by appointment to give you the time you need to be ready and relaxed.

· We will discuss your interests, session styles, studio, locations, and special items to be included in your portraits.

· Typically, 2 or 3 clothing changes are included.

· At least one parent needs to be there to take care of paperwork, assist you, and help us watch for stray hair or clothing adjustments.

· We have bring-a-friend sessions, too, for even more fun! Ask about our studio pizza party for three or more!

We don’t try to compete with the high volume guys, but we guarantee our work and your satisfaction. We bring out the real you during the session and our retouching service doesn’t swap heads or distort features. We allow and encourage you to preview all the shots during the session and refine each scene if needed. You’ll leave your session confident that we have succeeded and that your projection and selection appointment will be a success.

· Express their individuality and create a lasting reflection of themselves.

· ...Disappointed in some aspect of their portraits.

· Letter jackets or other awards are not available before the contract photographer’s deadlines.

· School play headshots.

· Civic or volunteer publicity photos.

· They need additional photo styles for an acting, modeling, or pageant  portfolio.


Phone: 972.567.8613

E-mail: info@ahh-photography.com

To contact us:

Ahh! Seniors, You Rock!

We put the Ahh! I Photography!

Why do families choose us instead of (or in addition to) the school photographer?

2008 Michael 3x4 @ Yahoo! Video

· Headshots needed for their applications to sororities.

· Web-ready photos for their own website or MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Pulse page.

· Music video DVD, VCD, web, or iPhone.

· Or just want to have a fun time and be creative.