We work where you live and use this area as our backdrop, not just some “this year’s trendy canvas” in our studio! We also want people to find us, and the search engines look for real stuff about your keywords. We don’t pay for clicks on the web. We put our effort into what we do for you!

Our studio is open by appointment only. Please call us. We love to work when you are available. Chances are, someone will be available, even on short notice.  Our hours are by design crazy due to community, events and weddings, so we would appreciate your calls to be sure we can meet you when and where it is the most convenient for you.

We’re cool and romantic, but all in due time. We’re about photography! We want to spend our efforts putting something in your home that will bring you back to that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Actually, it is so a bunch of noise DOESN’T start coming through your speakers when you are supposed to be doing something else. (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Frequently Asked Questions about Ahh!

We’re not here to waste your time with that kind of site. Plus, while they are cool and sensory, they all start to look the same. We’re just wired to be different and want you to enjoy the liberty to navigate to whatever makes you curious about us or what we discuss.

This site seems so, well, unlike other photographer’s websites. Where are the Flash and Quicktime pages?

What about the cool romantic music? That sells family pictures! Where is that?

I don’t see business hours. Where are they?

Why all the talk about Frisco, or for that matter Craig Ranch, Stonebridge Ranch, Little Elm, Allen, Prosper, McKinney, Oak Point, The Colony, Plano, and so on?

Its a family thing! These are local schools that we wish to pay back for all the good that they do for our community and our kids. Three of our kids, and a son-in-law, are grads from these fine local ISD’s. Two are now teachers!

Why the emphasis on Frisco High, Centennial High, Liberty High, Wakeland High, Little Elm High?

To contact us:

Phone: 972.567.8613

E-mail: info@ahh-photography.com

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Paddy Dash!

We put the Ahh! I Photography!

We support and salute the parents that provide these opportunities for their kids. They give up a lot. Sometimes their seniors feel the same way, since they don’t get some of the “senior year experience” that we can give them! We go over the top to give them that sincere and concrete affirmation that their own accomplishments did not go unnoticed.

Why the emphasis on private schools and home school associations? Why invite them to be Ahh! Ambassadors?

We don’t want to be!  We’re not here to sell you year books. Then we would be saddled with all the inflexibility imposed by those contracts which may fail to bring out the real you in the images you give to your friends and family!

You are not the “exclusive photographers” for my high school?

Sure. Call your “exclusive photographer” and find out if there is any charge for the boring old yearbook pose at their studio. Then give us a call and book a location shoot meaningful to you or a local, convenient, studio session!

Can I still use you?

Contract photographers are a big reason why families come to us. The limits and constraints under which they work create opportunities for local visual artists and studios like ours which have no such constraints. We schedule appointments at times and places they cannot. Plus we invest in the best PPA professional instruction in the country to expand our creativity rather than get drilled in the annual corporate backdrop replacement and strobe placement. In short, we have no rules!

How can I really save money on senior pictures? After all, don’t the schools’ contract photographers have the edge?

No, we’re not crazy. Well, maybe. You decide. But we want simply for those who want to know how to do it themselves to use us as a resource. And for those that don’t, well, to judge whether they can rely on us to know.

You give up all your photography tips in the gallery? You trying to put yourselves out of business?

That’s a loaded question. Yes, some aspects are VERY traditional. But no, we don’t have set agendas for you, nor the costuming. Maybe, someday, we will have collected all that stuff, but we focus on YOU, now, what you do, and what you wear every day. If you want to bring clothing or something into the studio that commemorates your accomplishments or a special an event, great. We would encourage you to bring something that sparks an emotion for those who will be viewing your portrait. Most of all, bring you!

Do you do traditional photographs?

This one is asked mostly by budding photographers. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we gladly reprocess any images or refund any money paid. Heck, we’ll even reschedule and shoot you again and apologize for taking your valuable time! The major manufacturers and labs upgrade all the time. Schedule a visit if you have concerns that we are not already on point. We’re happy to give you a tour prior to scheduling your event or session appointment.

What equipment do you have and what labs do you use?

This has actually been a recent source of amusement to us. Ah, Aah, Aahhh, Ahhhhh have been spotted so far. Not to be confused with Aw, Awh, and Oh. There is also an AhhPhotography (a listing of pay-for-click links to other photographers) AAHPhotography (a photographer in Minnesota, brrrrr!) and even an AhhShoot site for a Oklahoma photographer). So if you are looking for us, in Frisco, Texas, be sure to spell it Ahh-Photography.com! And don’t forget the dash. BTW: That’s us with AH FOTO on our Texas plate. They limit you to 6 letters!

How do you spell Ahh! in Ahh! Photography?

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What should I do if I have more questions?