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Paddy Dash!

We are members of the Texas Photo Forum!

"This site is completely devoted to Texas Photographers! We are the largest community of Texan photographers on the net." And, they are, at 14,000 and still growing!

We spend a lot of time exchanging ideas there. If you enjoy amateur or professional photography, sign in and use us as your referral!

If you are on the west coast, stop by the sister site: California Photo Forum.

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Please feel free to check out who we hang with!

We are members of



“Professional Photographers of America, Inc. PPA is the premier international trade association for professional photographers.”

We are members of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce

"The mission of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is to enhance Frisco's quality of life by welcoming, uniting and promoting business. We want the opportunity to help your business thrive in the dynamic economic climate that is Frisco, Texas."

To contact us:

Phone: 972.567.8613

E-mail: info@ahh-photography.com

We are members of the Texas Professional Photographers Association

“Texas Professional Photographers of America. Directory of professional photographers.”

We assisted Doug Box, Don Emmerich, and Frank Cricchio at the 2009 Texas School this year and students of during 2008. At over 1,000 students and 36 classes, it is the largest professional school in the country by a Texas Mile. And it is shaping up to be even bigger next year! The student forum is here.

Our favorite mentors are The Photographers located in Denton, Texas.

Don and Dee Barnes are practically a Texas state treasure. Don has been photographing for over 30 years, and (among many things) the 2007-8 President of the Texas Professional Photographers Association. Dee provides wedding consulting (for over 20 years), and organizes the annual Denton Charity Bridal Show. See you at the show!

If you were wondering about Frisco, check out this article in USA Today.

And it really is a great place to live!

If you’re in Forth Worth, check out T3 Studios.

Tom at Tom Thompson Photography is a great full service Fort Worth photographer you will meet on TPF and is a fellow member of TPPA! Summer classes here.

We put the Ahh! I Photography!

If you are in the greater Minneapolis area and need a DJ and more, check out Priority Sounds and Lights.

We’ve had the privilege to have them for 2 weddings, not counting one of their own!

Speaking of Forth Worth, check out Roy O’Dell Photography

Roy is another great Fort Worth photographer you should check out if you are in the market for great photography.

Is Twitter your thing? We’re here.



Facebook? We’re here.


Houston? There are none better than Solaris Studios. Weddings, including destination honeymoons, are a specialty!