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Paddy Dash!

Text Box: Photosynth™ is a new way to explore Frisco, Texas.
Text Box: Virtually walk around the landmarks in Frisco, courtesy of Ahh! Photography and Microsoft.

If your browser supports it, you can click in the inset and move throughout the area for a virtual tour of the nightlife in downtown Frisco, TX. A browser viewer download may be required. If you are having trouble viewing, use the buttons to take you to a separate BIGGER window. Or double click the green bar inside the inset marked Microsoft© Live Labs™. 


The first presentation, or “synth”, is of the fountain at Simpson Plaza in front of the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center. The featured fountain was dedicated in October of 2007. The plaza was rededicated in May, 2008 in honor of outgoing Mayor Mike Simpson, who served from 2002—2008.


Scroll down to view other locations. Check back often during the month of September as we add more. Or call us to commission your own synth!


We put the Ahh! I Photography!

Certainly one of the more visible landmarks is the Old Water Tower, located just off Main Street and a symbol of “old town”. No matter how modern Frisco Texas is, the Old Water Tower somehow seems to keep us anchored near its small town feelings.

First Baptist Church, started in 1902, continues to grow right along with the city of Frisco. The tower was added in 1976, marking only a small stepping stone along the church’s history.


Originally located at 7185 West Main, next to the Old Water Tower, the church relocated to this property in 1974. The original building has since been remodeled and is home to The Abbey Grill.

Engine 19, a 1910 steam locomotive, is located next to the Frisco Heritage Center, home to the Heritage Association of Frisco. Along with Engine 19, there are a number of  restored buildings and the museum which is a repository of the history of the area in and around Frisco, Texas.

The Gazebo is a quiet little garden spot across from the Old City Hall at 5th and Main Streets.

Central Park is located near the Dr. Pepper Ball Park and the Stone Briar Shopping Mall. The park features a number of larger than life bronze sculptures done by artist Anita Pauwels. Together with sidewalk narratives, they depict the cattle drives which once frequented the area. Ms. Pauwels works are also featured on the Preston Road Overlay Project.


The park is located at the intersection of Parkwood Blvd, and Seei Circle, named for Mayor Kathy Seei. She served three terms from 1996 to 2002, some of the most exciting growing years of Frisco.